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Some thoughts.

At first when I started following someone pretty famous on social media like Instagram, I think they’re really interesting and fun person. Then after some time, their post starting to look like all those other attention seeker post I’ve seen where most of my peers always do, and I’m like, “wow, look how annoying you’ve become.”


I really don’t give a damn.

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Best decision of my life |Quiting the job I hate

I am not proud to say that I used to work in retail as a cashier. Its not really a fun thing to do, if I had to say. Standing all day, handling items from frozen ice cold food, meats, groceries, home appliances to home furnitures. If you do that all day, its tiring man.

Plus, all the shitty customer you have to face. I’m not being racist or anything right now, but most of our customers that went shopping there is chinese, so I learnt that chinese from that area are mostly retarded spoiled brats bitches. Their complaints for the prices like, pfft, did i made them? Why human? What do they even expect us to do? Change it?

Its not just for that reason why I quit my job at ***** citymall, its also because the Supervisors and the Bosses,the people who have higher job status in the company than me. Their professionalism in doing their job is wayyyy out of the league. I have no idea why the upperclassmen have to be that way. Its not a very good role model to be a leader. They’re more like a pain in the ass ‘boss’.

Imagine this people, as a cashier, my work shifts was usually Afternoon shif or Full day shift. I can still tolerate an afternoon shift, cause I can rest till 12 PM and went to work at 2 PM. But for Full Day shift, which I get a lot, is killing people,mentally and physically. Waking up as early as 6 AM and wait for the bus at 7 AM and finished work at 11 PM. Where’s the life at?😂 I rarely get a Morning shift which really suck. This shitty working schedule also planned by the one and only shitty Chief Cashier *****. I really really hate her. Like for the first time ever in my life, I met someone so hypocritical, have so many things to complain even a small little mistake. She didn’t even help us to become better if she saw our mistake, instead she criticize us like its the biggest mistake she ever see. What kind of leader is that? It’s like, everyone she meet, who worked with her, she made them hate her. Oh, she had lots of gossip about how all the past cashier quit because of her shitty attitude. She even went viral on Facebook one day because of her shitty way of treating a customer.

My working environment was so shitty I decided to quit and it was one of the best decision I ever made.

Conclusion, if you want to work as a cashier or in retail, you gotta have a heart of steel to deal with crazy customers and fit body to handle all the groceries. Joking! 😂 Y’all just gotta be ready for all the challenges.

Heres some memes for ya that describe my old job perfectly.

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My Eczema Story 🚑

I have eczema since forever. Basically, since I was a little baby. My parents always used to say that my skin condition back then was really terrible.

As I was growing up, I used to have a terrible allergy towards seafood. When I eat it, my mouth becomes really dry, and the skin around my mouth will become red and inflamed. So, basically, I will look really terrible. That caused me to have confidence issues back when I was a kid. That allergy continues until I got into high school but the side effects became less terrible because idga damn about my allergy and kept eating seafood. SEAFOOD IS DELISH! I CAN’T HELP IT!

Eczema started appearing on my left pinky finger when I was in high school. But, it was a very mild condition. It only appeared as an itchy with small water bubbles underneath my skin. I didn’t know my eczema trigger back then.

It got worse when I started working at my old job, at the retail.Eczema on my pinky started spreading to half and quarter of my both hands, and also on my cheeks. I started learning about my eczema trigger, which is mainly because of STRESS and my food intake. My food trigger was; dairy products, ‘tuhau'( local food) , nuts, chilli, seafood, and the rest I forgot.

2017 and 2018 was the year I discovered and learnt more about my skin. It was so terrible. I tried many skin medicine and products, I even tried the famous home remedies for eczema and none seems to be working on me. I went to a government clinic and they gave me a hydrocortisone cream and aqueous cream. Temporary effect.

At last, I went to the non-governmental pharmacy to get help. The pharmacist gave me some Ascazin pills and a Vizomet cream.

To be honest, it does help to calms down the inflammation and itchiness of my eczema. My face healed but my hands haven’t completely healed yet. I even quit the job that was stressing me out so bad and, I am glad that the stress didn’t affect my eczema anymore.

I still have a long journey to go until I can completely heal my eczema. Just hope and pray that someday I will finally be eczema free.😇

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Maxis CRT Subscription | Bagaimana Cancel

Okay, pada suatu hari, saya terima SMS seperti ini ;

RM0. CRT DIY Package will be renewed on 09/05/2018 at RM3 (Excl. GST). To unsubscribe, dial *131# > Manage CRT or visit

And then today I got this message;

RM0. CRT DIY Package renewed. Next renewal 09/06/2018. Dial *131# or visit to manage or check out the latest song list.

My RM3 was gone! Of course,saya terkejut lah sebab tidak pernah pun saya langgan apa2. So I tried dailing *131# and tried cancelling the subscription,but, there were none there! Didn’t work at all.

So I searched some tips from uncle Google and found the right and easiest way.

Hanya call the customer service at 123.

Of course you’re gonna have to engage some conversation but it will be quick, don’t worry. I tried it, and the staff even gave me my RM 3 refund.

So, kamurang bole lah cuba ni ya? Senang jerr.

Kamu akan dapat SMS camni setelah selesai cancellation.

RM0. You have deleted CRT DIY Package MyPick 23.


IVY’S REVIEWS 🎶 | Dnars Body Soap Milk • Collagen • Q10-White

Hey guys, I’m back for another review. Today, I am reviewing about this soap. It is definitely a local product of Malaysia.

It’s my first time trying out this soap cause, I want to whiten some certain parts of my skin.

Okay, so the results for me was NO GOOD. Well, just on my face that is. Pimples started invading my face after I started washing my face using this soap. Meanwhile, it seems kinda working on my body though. So, I guess my ever sensitive face doesn’t go well with this soap.

It says here that I should see the difference within 2 weeks. I have been using it for like 9 days and I’m afraid I’m gonna stop using this on my face. I’m afraid my pimples will multiply. So, I am going to stop using this as a facial cleanser while continuing using it on my body whether it will lighten my skin or not.

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Once again after waiting for almost 2 years, I finally got called from SPA to attend another interview for LATIHAN  SEPARA PERUBATAN. Of course, I was very, much thankful to God for giving me the chance to prove myself again.

So my second interview was at Cawangan SPA, Komplex Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan Likas, Kota Kinabalu. My first interview was at Keningau which obviously I failed miserably at it.

The job I interviewed this time was: Penolong Pegawai Perubatan & Jururawat.

I came to KK one day early cause I don’t want to repeat my old mistake again which was being late to the interview.

Fast forward to the big day, the date was 27th of April. I came to the place as early as 6 something AM together with my parents, my lil sis, Kimi and our uncle’s relative, Alang. Alang drove us to the place, so I pretty much owe him A LOT.

I got there but the SPA office hasn’t opened yet, so we wait until around 7.30 AM, the worker called upon all of us candidates who already arrived to come inside. I got into the office and into the interview room. Chairs were already arranged and there was six interview room. They asked us to tick our name on the paper. There were many of us filled the rooms and sat on the chair. While waiting for our names to get called, I was already damn nervous. Every time I read the job descriptions I got very frightened so I had to stop and just let myself to stay calm. 

So fast forward, I got my number, 2006 (which was the sixth turn), room number 2 (Kapalai Room) (Weird name I know -..-‘’) 
Around 9, it was finally my turn.  I took a deep breath and put a smile on my face, knocked the door 4 times, and entered the room.

There were two people, a woman and a man. My correct guess, the man was the Assistant Medical Officer (Penolong Pegawai Perubatan) and the woman was the SPA Officer. I walked to the desk and held out my hand to shake their hand. I greet them with a good morning and my best smile and hand them my file and resume.
(warning, I will mix up English language and my mother tongue language at this point)

SPA:  Silakan duduk.

Me: Terima kasih (and slowly back up and sat on the chair) Saya tengok muka tu pekerja SPA senyum saja lepas dia baca resume saya. Trus dia cakap,

SPA: Nur Ezza. 21 Tahun. Mau panggil apa ni? Nur? Ezza  ?

ME: *senyum * Ezza saja.

SPA: Okey, cik Ezza. Boleh ceritakan serba sedikit pasal diri anda?  ( I was a bit stunned cause in my first interview, they didn’t asked me to introduce myself *cry*) 

ME: Nama saya Nur Ezza Tom. Berumur 21 tahun. Berasal dari Kampung Sunsuron Tambunan. Dulu saya bersekolah di SMK Tambunan dan mengambil SPM dengan keputusan 4A, 3B dan 3C. ( tu pekerja SPA angguk2 saja sambil senyum2 tengok tu resume saya)
Semasa sekolah menengah, saya aktif dalam kelab persatuan pusat sumber, saya juga merupakan Pengawas Pusat Sumber, bla bla bla bla (here I talked about my cocuricular activities I joined in high school)

SPA: Anak ke berapa ni dalam adik beradik?

ME: (dalam hati ‘oh shit, saya lupa kasi tau’) Saya anak pertama dalam 7 adik beradik.

SPA: Ooh anak sulung laa.

ME: *Angguk2 senyum2* Ya.

SPA: Kenapa pilih Penolong Pegawai Perubatan sebagai pilihan prtama dan bukan Jururawat? Tidak minat kah sama jururawat ni?

ME: *dengan bangga* Oh tidaklah. Saya sebenarnya minat dua-dua tu jawatan, tapi letak PPP sebagai pilihan pertama.

SPA:*senyum* Oh.. jadi kalau contohnya dapat Jururawat tidak kesah lah? Mau juga?

ME: (dalam hati teriak YAAAA ) *Calmly said* Ya, saya terima juga tu.

SPA: Okey.. Nur Ezza, saya mau tanya, kau tau ka tu apa tu TN50?

ME: *Tekejut tahap babi* (astagaa apaitu?? Matilah siaa takkan sia mau cakap tida tau??) Emm, apa tu aa? (pura2 ingat) Sebenarnya saya pernah sekilas pandah di internet tapi saya tiada tebaca. (kunun punya jawapan menipu berabisss)

SPA: Ok, cuba ko kasi tau apa tu?

ME: (finally give in) Saya tidak pasti oo.

SPA: Golongan apa yang terlibat dalam ni TN50 ni?

ME: (Bantaiii laaa) Warga emas? ( Aduii menjawap ka menanya ni?)

SPA: *bagi pandangan tidak setuju* Aih manada warga emas 50 tahun.

ME: Oh, adolecense (nahhh keluar ingiliss) golongan remaja.

SPA: Haa... golongan Adults, remaja. Nanti ko balik kau baca pasal itu ya.

ME: Ok ok. Hehe 

SPA: Okey, apa yang kau faham pasal Integriti?

ME: (Yesss sa tauuu ni apa *saya happy sebab saya ada study ni benda*) Integriti ialah sikap mulia seseorang seperti amanah dalam menjalankan tugas agar dapat kepercayaan dari masyarakat setempat kepada penjawat tersebut. 
(Sya tau tapi ayat bertabur)

SPA: Apakah antara sikap2 mulia integriti yang harus ada dalam diri seseorang penjawat awan?

ME: (masa ni saya tiba2 blur tapi berabis mengingat juga jawapan) Bagi saya, sikap mulia yang harus ada dalam seseorang penjawat awam ialah, amanah..dan...*Pause* Jujur dan Iklas mejalankan tugas.

SPA: Okey.. tadi datang sini jam berapa?

ME: Jam 6 hehe

SPA: Kalau begitu apa nilai murni dia?

ME: Menepati masa.

SPA: Yaa... menepati masa ya. Seorang penjawat aman mesti menepati masa bekerja. Integriti ni mesti diamalkan oleh penjawat awam saja ka? Ya atau tidak?

ME: *dengan yakin walaupun tidak berapa pasti* Tidak (geleng2 kepala) Integriti ni mesti untuk semua  penjawat..pekerja. (saya buat hand motion lagi)

SPA: Betul. Nilai integriti harus diamalkan oleh semua ya, samada penjawat awam atau pun swasta. Ok itu saja dari saya.
( Trus dia tingu tu MA sebelah dia.)

Sepanjang masa saya bercakap tu memang saya ketara nervous lah, saya fidgeting my fingers but saya pandai cepat2 juga stop sebab saya perasan itu M.A tengok semua body language saya. And saya pun mata pandai tetutup masa mengingat jawapan. Which was soo damn obvious sa nervous.  *cry*

MA: Nur Ezza.
ME: Ya..
MA: Boleh kau ceritakan apa beza klinik 1 Malaysia dengan Hospital?

ME: (oh shit, soalan yang sya study 2 taun lalu tapi tida study ni kali.. aduiii) *So sini saya jawap guna general knowledge saya and cuba ingat2 apa yang saya baca duluu..  Muka tu MA pun serious ja dngr jawapan saya tapi ada juga dia tesenyum2 sikit mungkin merepek jawapan sya kan*

MA: Okey... Apa kau faham tentang kencing manis? 

ME: (ni kalilah sia mau nangis, ni soalan pun say tiada revision. Ada la 2 taun yang lalu. Jadi di sini pun saya punya jawapan main goreng ja.)

MA: Okey.. Apa kesan-kesan kencing manis.

ME: (Nahhh  berabis saya mengingat jawapan. Saya terdiam juga seketika.) Emm,kesan kencing manis ialah penyakit jantung.

(trus tu MA tekatawa sikit ni!! Matilah katak. Memang bodoh tu jawapan saya ,sedar juga saya. And then you know what else I said?) 

Em.. kalau ada luka, dia akan lambat sembuh,jadi kalau tu luka kena jangkitan, dia x pandai sembuh2 sudah, terpaksa potong tu anggota yang kena jangkitan. (saya cakap sambil membuat aksi memotong tangan sendiri wakakakakaka)

Tu MA angguk2 kepala ja.

SPA: Okay itu saja dari kami. Cik Nur Ezza, ada apa-apa soalan untuk kami?

Saya diam sekijap sebab macam tidak puas hati saya ni interview. Then saya teingat ni soalan dalam fikiran saya.

ME: Saya mau tanya pasal ni tugas MA. Ada saya tebaca, pemulihan, Eh bukan MA, Jururawat *Saya mixed up suda jawatan* Ada saya tebaca,Pemulihan anggota dengan cara sejuk air. Saya tidak berapa faham macam mana ni. 

SPA: Ooh.. sebenarnya sejuk air ni bukan dijalankan oleh Jururawat (Saya tekejut sekijap)  dia dijalankan oleh seorang fisioterapi. *di sini dia explain explain explain and the MA pun masuk juga mau explain ni benda. Saya angguk2 and pura2 faham saja* 
(Then she said) Nanti kau tanya lah kawan kawan kau yang fisio nanti, ko study macam mana. Okey?

ME: Ok ok. Terima kasih.

SPA: Okey Terima Kasih ya..

So I walked to the desk and took my file and thank them the last time and walked out from the room.

I was feeling so mixed up, I felt stupid for giving stupid answers, I felt like I want to talk more and also felt like IDGAF anymore this has  passed like that. Noticed that most of the things that I tried to remember by heart like the job description, the minister's names and all were not even asked. *Fed up*

But at the end of the day, I thank God for that oppurtunity. I pray and hope that I will really get it this time. 

IVY’S REVIEWS🎶 |Super Sensitive Skin and Cosmoderm Vitamin E Cream 1000 I.U. with Rosehip Oil

If your skin is sensitive to harsh chemicals or you have a hard time to find non-irritating face cream like me, then I hope this post will help a bit of your problem.

My skin is very sensitive to chemicals, and if I applied a wrong product that doesn’t agree with me, red spots will appear on my cheeks. And those spots are big and kinda look like to blush but looks terrible. Plus, I have eczema problem too, so anything harsh that contact my skin, it will be inflamed.

I tried so many face creams and I even wear none for quite some time just to heal my skin. Finally, I found Cosmoderm Vitamin E cream. It didn’t irritate my skin at all!

✔️Non-sticky,✔️ smells nice because of the Rosehip oil, and ✔️No Paraben and SLES.

It is Anti-scar and Dull skin, so, from my experience, after I pick on my pimples then applied this cream, the scar is not too visible.

I love this cream because it makes my skin glow. I have been using it for over two months and so far, I’m loving it.

For Malaysians, you can get this cream at your nearest Watsons Shop or Guardian. Affordable price, your budget should be RM25<

Thats all. Thanks for reading. 🙂