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My journey to Matrikulasi Labuan Part 1

Halu.. actually i was super surprised that i was offered to study at KML for 2015/2016 batch. Moreover, i was super happy that i got science 1 year program (PST). Even though i know the risk of being stressed out for getting the one year program science student.

So.. i’m still preparing for all kinds of thing for my life in Labuan. Moreover i have one more month together with my family so i think i should spend my time with them wisely. 🙂 🙂

I checked some of the blog i found around the net and it pretty much helped me.

Basically now, i need the Lord’s guidance and every help that an be offered for me for my preparation to start my life as a student in KML.


This is me… sometimes… >_<



"I would lose weight but I hate losing"  Bibi here!  An amateur writer, blogger, coffee lover, online business part timer, laughing at memes is totally a hobby and oh ,did I mention I love coffee?  Otaku (yassss always and forever) Anime rules! The Big Bang Theory is currently my most favourite TV series. Gonna leave my teen years on November 13th 2017. *sudden uncontrolable sobs* That's it for now. :D

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