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GALA NIGHT at Posompuruan Square Tambunan

On 28/4/2015, I made a another memories today. I went to watch the ‘Sugandoi’ competition or what they called singing competition and the Unduk Ngadau Final. It was a new experience for me cause when I was living my life as a high school student, I never actually once went to Posompuruan square to watch these events every year. ._. I was missing a lot of things when I was still in high school.


So.. we arrived there as early as 6.00PM and people were just started to set up things in that place. So we wandered around to the pasar malam for some food hunt.

The event started with the appreciation ceremony to the top students in UPSR, SPM and STPM exam. I was with my sister, Elizabeth went to the stage to shook Dato Pairin Kitingan hand. I was pretty nervous even though it was my sister who got the prize. I was only to accompany her as the guardian.
There was this lady beside the VIPs there who gave me a weird look when she saw me, like, puzzled or maybe ‘ew’ look. I didn’t know why. Well– its not like I care -..-

So I watched the sugandoi competition first round and it took an hour to finish. Then the Unduk Ngadau. All the 20  sumandak wore incredably beautiful dresses. I actually couldn’t wait for it to finish cause it was friggin cold! Plus I wanted to go home. But I stayed there until we knew the winners for Unduk Ngadau and Sugandoi anyway. ._.

So the winners for Unduk Ngadau:

Creative etnic con temporary kategory:
1- Sherly Anthony
3- Sherry Jefry

Most Photogenic
1- Fauziani

Queen Popular Facebook
Cik Jarina

Queen ‘Tosuau’
Caroline lazarus

I couldn’t actually spell their name right but at least you guys get the picture. >_<

And so the winners for the Sugandoi competition were:
1st Place: Geo Allen
2nd Place: Miss Pinky
3rd Place: Lyron Felix

So thats that. I’m still confused why my friend, Sylvilina Bily didn’t get any top three places. Her voice was beyond amazing. Theres something wrong with the judges -..-

The whole event was finished at 1.00AM and gosh I was tired. So.. went home. Entered room and slept like a baby..

Thats all.



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