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Great Friendship Last Through Jesus

Sejak awal bulan 11 tahun 2014 , saya tlh mula melibatkan diri dlm pelayanan dlm gereja di kampung sy, iaitu KBK (Kerasulan Belia Katolik) . Perasaan terpanggil tu tiba2 muncul sejak saya masuk Ting. 5 and I thank to the Lord sbb saya tlh mendapat keberanian untuk akhirnya datang melayaniNya melalui KBK. And pelayanan tu bermula apabila saya mengikuti aktiviti Caroling buat pertama kalinya pada akhir tahun 2014. It was for the Christmas season so the fun in serving were trully felt.

And over time I was with the members in KBK, it was never boring. I made new friends, new experience and develop better social life. And it was all because of Him. He made this all happen in my life. It is all so very beautiful.

So today is 17/5/2015, and I have five days left here until I leave for Labuan, I feel kind of sad to leave them. Especially when I already made good bonds with them. I won’t ever leave this life, I will continue serving Jesus through KBK and stay in this friendship forever. Hehe..










"I would lose weight but I hate losing"  Bibi here!  An amateur writer, blogger, coffee lover, online business part timer, laughing at memes is totally a hobby and oh ,did I mention I love coffee?  Otaku (yassss always and forever) Anime rules! The Big Bang Theory is currently my most favourite TV series. Gonna leave my teen years on November 13th 2017. *sudden uncontrolable sobs* That's it for now. :D

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