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The (2 months) life story of a Cashier

Hey guys..
It has been a while but I managed to survive.

I applied for a part time job this June as a cashier in a supermarket in our town. I started the first day for training to be a cashier until the third day. After the third day, I got my own counter and that was where I got a bit independent without anybody’s help.

So everyday, I dealt with people and their money. I held money everyday yet I couldn’t just put them in my pocket 😂, save it for myself! Wkwk jk .
So yeah, seeing people everyday, smile at them, scan the barcodes of the item, packed their things into plastic bags, took their money, and give change. It was tiring if lot of customer lining up in front of your counter during the time I called ‘people wave’ where everyone wants to pay up.

It was even more tiring when you have to deal with so many item from a customer. Then you handle big money from them.

Thats the tiring thing.
Now lemme tell you the annoying things.

We all know theres so many types of people in this world and so many kinds of attitude. We cashiers have to deal with annoying customers as well.

The worst kind of customers is when you reached out your hand to take thier money yet they still throw it on the counter. Like, seriously people? Why? U blind or somethin’? It was kind of a mood ruiner when they did it first thing in the morning.

Other annoying thing they do is, asking us to get things for them. Dude, we’re cashiers, we’re supposed to stay behind the counter, not shop for ya. They could’ve just asked any of the workers around the blocks. They were making our job lot more harder.

Some customers complains about how expensive the item were. I don’t even know what they expect us to do after they said it to me like, do you expect me to lower the price ? Not my job lol. My job was to calculate the money you need to pay for the items you want from the store, that is all.

But I’m not saying that there is only annoying customers, there were also wonderful customers, especially the one who make you smile when you’re so damn tired and stressed out.

Customers who says ‘Thank you’ made us feel appreciated.

Customers who smile back are nice people.

I love customers when they gave me small changes. In that way it will be easier to give small change when the change money in the drawer are not enough.

But as a conclusion for this story I’m sharing, as a customer, let’s not be assholes to the workers.. They’re just doing their job.. It’s their job right? ╮(╯3╰)╭