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When you prayed so hard for something you really want to God but you ended up not getting what you want.. The question lingered inside your mind,  “Why?”

I was hurt, disappointed and just wanted to scream at God.. But I know I was just being emotional.. In the end I still turned to Him and asked for strength to accept His plan for me..

Truly I haven’t felt that kind of disappointment and heartbreak in a long time. When I didn’t get what I want especially you already worked really hard for it. It’s just so unfair and you just want to rant about  it. But the truth is,  I can’t.  Because I still believe in His plan for me.

Moving on is the only thing I have to do now and try again later..

But most of the time, I would sit alone in my room and everything will come back to me again. I will sit there and feel sorry for myself. Remembering the heartbreak I felt. But I can’t do anything about it now. I just have to move on and woman up about it.



โš ๏ธ[ Dear readers, my first language is not English so, I humbly apologize in advance for my grammatical and vocabulary weaknesses. ]โš ๏ธ Blogging is a passion. I see people rant and talk all about things from their feeling to their problems on social media. I see psychotic people who complain and ranting and all kind of embarrassing thing and sharing from the most private thing in social media. For me, when it comes to sharing about those things on social media, I have to think three to five times before actually posting it, because people can be so judgemental and mean, ya know. Oh, don't get me wrong, it's not like I hate it, it's a part of my own entertainment where seeing people embarrassing themselves in social media really fascinates me. I know, I have a judgemental mind. But, on second thought, so does everyone else. While writing post in a blog doesn't really embarrass me. Because, that's how a personal blog is supposed to function. I can write whatever I want, cause it's a blog. Even though strangers are going to read my blog, but they won't judge me too much because, its MY PERSONAL BLOG. Right?

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