When you prayed so hard for something you really want to God but you ended up not getting what you want.. The question lingered inside your mind,  “Why?”

I was hurt, disappointed and just wanted to scream at God.. But I know I was just being emotional.. In the end I still turned to Him and asked for strength to accept His plan for me..

Truly I haven’t felt that kind of disappointment and heartbreak in a long time. When I didn’t get what I want especially you already worked really hard for it. It’s just so unfair and you just want to rant about  it. But the truth is,  I can’t.  Because I still believe in His plan for me.

Moving on is the only thing I have to do now and try again later..

But most of the time, I would sit alone in my room and everything will come back to me again. I will sit there and feel sorry for myself. Remembering the heartbreak I felt. But I can’t do anything about it now. I just have to move on and woman up about it.


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