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JustWriteIt #2 | The Bond of a Childhood Best Friends

I have been best friends with Lisa since we were 10 years old. We were inseperable back then. The lucky thing during our primary school was,  we were in the same class until we finished our primary schooling. 

When we reached middle school and high school,  we got into a different class from each other but we were still close.  Our bond as close friends never fade out.  Even though we met new people, made new memories without each other,  in the end,  we still need each other.

Our friendship got closer when we went into the same college together, Labuan Matriculation College. I truly am thankful to her that she was always there for me during my ugliest and happiest time.  She helped me when I needed her,  and I helped her when she needed it.  Especially when we are dealing with our studies.  

Life in LMC was always a challenge. Its sweat and tears, smile and cries,  all mixed together.  I am amazed that I actually got through it alive.  It was a year of hardwork. 

Actually,  Lisa and I had a different course in college,  I got the intensive one which was the PST (PROGRAM SATU TAHUN)  , a one year programme, while Lisa got the PDT (PROGRAM DUA TAHUN), atwo year programme . So, when I graduated, she still got a year before graduating. After I graduated, Lisa and I rarely talks anymore because we were busy with our own lives.

Recently. . . Well actually today, we had our conversation through Whatsapp for the first time after a long time. And I had to be honest, we still talked like we always do. And it made me misses her even more than ever. We are 20 years old now,  so we had been friends for over 10 year now,  and I know our friendship will last until the end. 

Friends in my life always come and go, but one thing certain, Lisa and I will always be best friends. We just haven’t got the time to be together and spend time with each other again because life happens you know. I really hope that we will be friends forever. 🙂 I can’t possibly let her go,  she knows too much of my secret already. 😂😂😂

#dedicated to Lisa

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JustWriteIt #1

Right now, I’m on my writer’s mood so, I’m just gonna write whats on my mind in this particular moment.

I MISS YOU RICHMOND! YA HEAR ME?! Why do you have to be so far away from me… 😦 😦 😦

We’ve been together for over seven months now and I appreciate every kind of love I received from him. And I couldn’t believe we had made it this far especially when we’re in a long distance relationship most of the time.

Speaking of LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP, let me tell you this people. It is definitely not easy, nu-uh! People who are in one now, will definitely understand what I am feeling right now.

There will be those days that you really, realllyyyy crave for their physical touch and beings. And there will be those days where you just want all of their attention on you all day, but of course, you can’t have it because, you’re being that ‘understanding girlfriend who doesn’t want to bother their boyfriend because you know they’re busy’. So, you have no other choice than entertaining yourself by laughing at memes. (I’m talking about me btw) But I believe that as long as both of you try, I know it will work out. 🙂

From what I learned being in a long distance relationship is, you don’t need to see that person everyday in order to fall in love with them. You can stay in love while holding on to the memories you had created while you were together. And that memories become so precious that it will be one of the thing that keeps you holding on to your relationship.

You count every day and every month until you finally be able to meet them again. Sometimes, they become the one who can make you happy even when you’re miles away from each other, not the people beside you.

I pray that this relationship we’re in will not fail. I know we can get through this together until we will finally be together again.