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#JustWriteIt 3 | He cried in front of me


Me again! How long have I been gone? I really really miss writing 😭

What I want to write about today is the things that happened between me and my long-distance relationship boyfriend during our video call session last night. So, last night around 12 quarter, we started our video call session and we talked a bit at first. I was in a foul mood cause my emotions were torturing me. Plus I was still in my period and I was missing him like crazy yesterday. I missed him so much that I just cried during our video calling.

I took some time crying, while he kept comforting me. After I calmed down, we proceed to pray together as usual. We have been praying together at night during video call for about two months already. It has been our daily routine even though sometimes we couldn’t do it when we had other stuff going on or one of us fell asleep early.

After praying, I got sleepy, so I laid down on the bed while still video calling. So my boyfriend likes watching me when I sleep, the last night, he said this to me “I love you, I love you so much” and suddenly I saw his eyes got watery and his nose running. HE CRIED! I was like, 😯 and then I laughed. I couldn’t help but laugh. And whats funnier was, he got mad because he cried and I saw him. He was like, “Tidur kau!” “Teruk” 😂

It was actually the very first time I saw him vulnerable like that. And it’s funny how he tried to be angry at me because I laughed. I wished I could hug him that moment, but unfortunately, both of us are far away from each other. 😭

The long-distance relationship really is a tough journey for couples. Both have to like, fight and take efforts. If both don’t take any effort to make the long-distance relationship to work out, it will surely won’t last long. And yes, there will be loneliness, crave for their physical being, tears and fights. But, a long-distance relationship has something special where a normal couple doesn’t have. We have the emotional love we share even when we don’t see each other every day. Distance gave us the reason to love harder, right?

That’s all for now.

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JustWriteIt #2 | The Bond of a Childhood Best Friends

I have been best friends with Lisa since we were 10 years old. We were inseperable back then. The lucky thing during our primary school was,  we were in the same class until we finished our primary schooling. 

When we reached middle school and high school,  we got into a different class from each other but we were still close.  Our bond as close friends never fade out.  Even though we met new people, made new memories without each other,  in the end,  we still need each other.

Our friendship got closer when we went into the same college together, Labuan Matriculation College. I truly am thankful to her that she was always there for me during my ugliest and happiest time.  She helped me when I needed her,  and I helped her when she needed it.  Especially when we are dealing with our studies.  

Life in LMC was always a challenge. Its sweat and tears, smile and cries,  all mixed together.  I am amazed that I actually got through it alive.  It was a year of hardwork. 

Actually,  Lisa and I had a different course in college,  I got the intensive one which was the PST (PROGRAM SATU TAHUN)  , a one year programme, while Lisa got the PDT (PROGRAM DUA TAHUN), atwo year programme . So, when I graduated, she still got a year before graduating. After I graduated, Lisa and I rarely talks anymore because we were busy with our own lives.

Recently. . . Well actually today, we had our conversation through Whatsapp for the first time after a long time. And I had to be honest, we still talked like we always do. And it made me misses her even more than ever. We are 20 years old now,  so we had been friends for over 10 year now,  and I know our friendship will last until the end. 

Friends in my life always come and go, but one thing certain, Lisa and I will always be best friends. We just haven’t got the time to be together and spend time with each other again because life happens you know. I really hope that we will be friends forever. 🙂 I can’t possibly let her go,  she knows too much of my secret already. 😂😂😂

#dedicated to Lisa

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Hiking Gunung Wakid | Pengalaman Mendaki Gunung Wakid

Heyy lovely person who managed to find this blog 😉 – wink wink-

View of Kampung Sunsuron from the top 1st hill of Gunung Wakid

Gunung Wakid is situated in Kampung Sunsuron Tambunan and is currently popular amongst hikers and tourist.

On 31st August 2k16, my cousins (Eyoy@Daeryll, Daneo, Moses and Shawn), my brother Kodom@ Clarence and I went to the journey to climb the Gunung Wakid. Shawn who acted as our personal guide to lead us until we reached the top of the first hill of Gunung Wakid.

We departed from our home at 8 am something and reached the hill around 11am something. 😆

As for me, it was my first time ever to climb the hill even though I am the local for almost 19 years. To tell you the truth, it was a hell of a challenge! I tried giving up multiple times along the way. But I pushed myself to my limit until, taadaaa! I reached the top! I was so proud of myself. Even though it’s just Gunung Wakid, but I managed to fight until I reached the top.


To tell you guys, hiking is no joke. It takes strong will and stamina in order to finish it.

So, here’s some pictures I took along our journey..





“Reaching a goal in life is just like climbing a mountain, there will be plenty of struggle, sweat, tears, and pain. But after all those things we’ve been through, we will feel accomplished and relieved, just like the incredible feeling we get after reaching the mountain top. -N. Ezza Tom@Bibi- 4th November”

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You know what scares me the most?
Changes. Bad changes.
And it all can happen in just one day or maybe it can only take one moment.

People change in just one day.

People die in one moment.

Our mood change because of one sentence.

A relationship waver because one person who don’t know the definition of ‘girlfriend&boyfriend’ or ‘husband&wife’ came and destroy their relationship.

The heart waver in one moment.

Trust are broken because of one lie.

Its sad how fast changes happens in our lives. Losing someone you love or seeing someone you love change is a  devastating thing to endure. But you know what, the pain the they caused makes you stronger.

Some pain change people to be good or to be bad. It all depend on how they take in the pain. They can choose to heal wound in their heart by themselves, or they choose to heal their wounded heart by hurting themselves more.

But take the pain as something that will teach you to become stronger.

When you fall on your knees because you think you can’t do it anymore, pray to God, because you are in a perfect position to pray. Then climb back to your feet, and move on. . Don’t let the pain from the past hold you back from getting stronger in your future.

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KML BC2T19 (15/16) | Classmates

Heyy lovely person who managed to find this blog! ;D -wink wink-

This is something I wanted to write a long time ago but never had the time, but, since I have plenty of time now, I want to tell you about my former classmates back in Labuan Matriculation College.

So in this entry, there will be lots of names cause maybe, ya know, they (exclassmates of BC2T19) might get bored some day and decided to google their name, then they’d be surprised to find their name in this blog! 😀


If my memory didn’t fail me, the first person I talked to in the first day of class (Dinamika) was Niezale. Tbh, at first I got her name wrong, I sincerely thought it was Nijale. . 😓 Niezale is a pretty girl from Lawas Sarawak. At first I thought she was Sabahan because she doesn’t sound like Sarawakian at all. Then I found out that she had been in Labuan since forever so, she pretty much learnt how to talk like Sabahan people and Sabahan slang.

I was one of the earliest person entered the class for the first class for the semester. So I watched my classmates entered, one by one.

It was a bit dissapointing, cause, there were only two boys in the class and lots of girls. .😂

Total member of our class was 11 . Not much people tho.

So, the first lecturer entered our first Dinamika class, Sir Shamsudin. He was a charismatic , sporting and funny man. During his class, we introduced ourself one by one to everyone.

“..Hasmawie.. Helmy.. Niezale.. Fiqah.. Yusrina.. Farzanah.. Siti Rossani.. Qasidah.. Sacha.. Loretta.. ”

But within the first two weeks in KML, people come and go to our class. Fiqah transferred to Politeknik in Sarawak, back to her state. Then Syakilah came along.

Of course, the process of ice breaking in the group took quite long. But after a while, we got comfortable with everybody and got friendly to each other.
The trio in our class, Me, Sacha and Loretta. (*^﹏^*) We were inseperable. We were always together during class and after class. One of the thing we have in common between us was, our crazy addiction to our “eye candy’ in KML. ~^O^~ = ̄ω ̄=

I started becoming friends with Loretta after talking to her.
Loretta is a tall, beautiful, strong and pretty much blunt person. Even though we are different in nationality, cause she is from Bintulu Sarawak while I’m from Sabah, I love her because she is very honest. Even though sometimes she got on my nerves, but I still love her. I started hanging out with her after talking to her and we became the duo. Then we talked to Sacha.

Sacha is a cute, pretty and elegant person. Surprisingly, we lived in a same town, but never actually knew each other before KML. What a small world. Wkwk. She went to SMK Nambayan while I was at SMK Tambunan ,so I guess that was the reason. Then the trio was born.
The two lovely person became my close friends in KML.

The class trio

Hasmawie became the leader in our class. Even though he was a cute and small guy, he was responsible to our class. I was chosen to help him, but I never actually did much helping. Hasmawie literally did all the work , especially photocopying the lecturer’s notes. But of course, I did gave some helping hand. XD

The other guy in our class is Helmy. He was a tall and quite good looking guy when he did some effort on his hair. Wkwk. He was also the class clown.

The other girls in our class were friendly and amazing as well.

Farzanah, the brain. We gave her a nickname, Dr. Faz , cause she was quite a helper when we don’t understand a certain topic in our studies.

Rossa is a cute person. When she laughed, we were infected by her glee. She has a perfect cute smile on her face and she was also the class clown who always made us laugh.

Yusrina. She has a quite unique full name. The day of introducing ourself, she captivate us by her giddiness. XD She preferred to be called Yus and doesn’t like it when we call her Rina or Yusrina. She was one of the brightest person in the class and one of the smartest. But of course, everyone is smart in our class.

Qasidah has a mother like personalities. She was sweet, caring and pretty. Plus, she can cook and bake. She often brought her homemade cookies and cakes after semester break and gave to us. They were delicious!

Syakilah. One thing I remember about her the most is her big cute eyes. They are beautiful! She was an open and funny girl too. She likes teasing with Rossa and Niezale, we often laighed because of their jokes.

We met BC2T20 and our family became bigger and merrier.

We made so much memories together in KML. They were my second family during my time there. Without them, it would be boring and gloomy. They were amazing bunch of people not to mention the BC2T20 ‘s members. We were one big bunch happy family and I feel blessed to be able to meet them.



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Great Friendship Last Through Jesus

Sejak awal bulan 11 tahun 2014 , saya tlh mula melibatkan diri dlm pelayanan dlm gereja di kampung sy, iaitu KBK (Kerasulan Belia Katolik) . Perasaan terpanggil tu tiba2 muncul sejak saya masuk Ting. 5 and I thank to the Lord sbb saya tlh mendapat keberanian untuk akhirnya datang melayaniNya melalui KBK. And pelayanan tu bermula apabila saya mengikuti aktiviti Caroling buat pertama kalinya pada akhir tahun 2014. It was for the Christmas season so the fun in serving were trully felt.

And over time I was with the members in KBK, it was never boring. I made new friends, new experience and develop better social life. And it was all because of Him. He made this all happen in my life. It is all so very beautiful.

So today is 17/5/2015, and I have five days left here until I leave for Labuan, I feel kind of sad to leave them. Especially when I already made good bonds with them. I won’t ever leave this life, I will continue serving Jesus through KBK and stay in this friendship forever. Hehe..