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You know what scares me the most?
Changes. Bad changes.
And it all can happen in just one day or maybe it can only take one moment.

People change in just one day.

People die in one moment.

Our mood change because of one sentence.

A relationship waver because one person who don’t know the definition of ‘girlfriend&boyfriend’ or ‘husband&wife’ came and destroy their relationship.

The heart waver in one moment.

Trust are broken because of one lie.

Its sad how fast changes happens in our lives. Losing someone you love or seeing someone you love change is a  devastating thing to endure. But you know what, the pain the they caused makes you stronger.

Some pain change people to be good or to be bad. It all depend on how they take in the pain. They can choose to heal wound in their heart by themselves, or they choose to heal their wounded heart by hurting themselves more.

But take the pain as something that will teach you to become stronger.

When you fall on your knees because you think you can’t do it anymore, pray to God, because you are in a perfect position to pray. Then climb back to your feet, and move on. . Don’t let the pain from the past hold you back from getting stronger in your future.

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KML BC2T19 (15/16) | Classmates

Heyy lovely person who managed to find this blog! ;D -wink wink-

This is something I wanted to write a long time ago but never had the time, but, since I have plenty of time now, I want to tell you about my former classmates back in Labuan Matriculation College.

So in this entry, there will be lots of names cause maybe, ya know, they (exclassmates of BC2T19) might get bored some day and decided to google their name, then they’d be surprised to find their name in this blog! ๐Ÿ˜€


If my memory didn’t fail me, the first person I talked to in the first day of class (Dinamika) was Niezale. Tbh, at first I got her name wrong, I sincerely thought it was Nijale. . 😓 Niezale is a pretty girl from Lawas Sarawak. At first I thought she was Sabahan because she doesn’t sound like Sarawakian at all. Then I found out that she had been in Labuan since forever so, she pretty much learnt how to talk like Sabahan people and Sabahan slang.

I was one of the earliest person entered the class for the first class for the semester. So I watched my classmates entered, one by one.

It was a bit dissapointing, cause, there were only two boys in the class and lots of girls. .😂

Total member of our class was 11 . Not much people tho.

So, the first lecturer entered our first Dinamika class, Sir Shamsudin. He was a charismatic , sporting and funny man. During his class, we introduced ourself one by one to everyone.

“..Hasmawie.. Helmy.. Niezale.. Fiqah.. Yusrina.. Farzanah.. Siti Rossani.. Qasidah.. Sacha.. Loretta.. ”

But within the first two weeks in KML, people come and go to our class. Fiqah transferred to Politeknik in Sarawak, back to her state. Then Syakilah came along.

Of course, the process of ice breaking in the group took quite long. But after a while, we got comfortable with everybody and got friendly to each other.
The trio in our class, Me, Sacha and Loretta. (*^๏น^*) We were inseperable. We were always together during class and after class. One of the thing we have in common between us was, our crazy addiction to our “eye candy’ in KML. ~^O^~ =๏ฟฃฯ‰๏ฟฃ=

I started becoming friends with Loretta after talking to her.
Loretta is a tall, beautiful, strong and pretty much blunt person. Even though we are different in nationality, cause she is from Bintulu Sarawak while I’m from Sabah, I love her because she is very honest. Even though sometimes she got on my nerves, but I still love her. I started hanging out with her after talking to her and we became the duo. Then we talked to Sacha.

Sacha is a cute, pretty and elegant person. Surprisingly, we lived in a same town, but never actually knew each other before KML. What a small world. Wkwk. She went to SMK Nambayan while I was at SMK Tambunan ,so I guess that was the reason. Then the trio was born.
The two lovely person became my close friends in KML.

The class trio

Hasmawie became the leader in our class. Even though he was a cute and small guy, he was responsible to our class. I was chosen to help him, but I never actually did much helping. Hasmawie literally did all the work , especially photocopying the lecturer’s notes. But of course, I did gave some helping hand. XD

The other guy in our class is Helmy. He was a tall and quite good looking guy when he did some effort on his hair. Wkwk. He was also the class clown.

The other girls in our class were friendly and amazing as well.

Farzanah, the brain. We gave her a nickname, Dr. Faz , cause she was quite a helper when we don’t understand a certain topic in our studies.

Rossa is a cute person. When she laughed, we were infected by her glee. She has a perfect cute smile on her face and she was also the class clown who always made us laugh.

Yusrina. She has a quite unique full name. The day of introducing ourself, she captivate us by her giddiness. XD She preferred to be called Yus and doesn’t like it when we call her Rina or Yusrina. She was one of the brightest person in the class and one of the smartest. But of course, everyone is smart in our class.

Qasidah has a mother like personalities. She was sweet, caring and pretty. Plus, she can cook and bake. She often brought her homemade cookies and cakes after semester break and gave to us. They were delicious!

Syakilah. One thing I remember about her the most is her big cute eyes. They are beautiful! She was an open and funny girl too. She likes teasing with Rossa and Niezale, we often laighed because of their jokes.

We met BC2T20 and our family became bigger and merrier.

We made so much memories together in KML. They were my second family during my time there. Without them, it would be boring and gloomy. They were amazing bunch of people not to mention the BC2T20 ‘s members. We were one big bunch happy family and I feel blessed to be able to meet them.



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National Boyfriend’s Day

It is celebrated on 3rd of October every year and honestly I just found out about this celebration today! ๐Ÿ˜‚

So yesterday I was being a pain in the a$$ towards him because of my frikin’ PMS . I was so unstable yesterday we ended up ignoring each other. But I did apologized to him at the end of the day.

Then today, I was scrolling the News Feed on Facebook and I saw this girl posted a picture of her kissing her boyfriend , saying it’s National Boyfriend’s Day and I was like… Whaaatttttt?????

So, I quickly realized how an as$hole I was to him yesterday, and made apology text and appreciation text to him. :oops:๐Ÿ˜Œ

I was embarrassed cause I am not the kind of person to text such sweet things to someone, I was literally screaming in embarrasement after I sent all those text. ๐Ÿ˜‚ but , I love how he responded. I love my boyfriend!!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


We are currently on a long distance relationship and I hope we can overcome this distance and love each other even more. People may think that we won’t make it but I believe we will. As God as the center of our relationship, trusting each other and breaking down the wall of ego together, I know we will make it.
Because distance makes two people love harder, right?

I really miss him..

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Me teaching?

Currently tutoring my brother.


It’s really hard to teach someone when they’re not even putting any effort, especially MATH! WHAT THE HECK!? I DON’T EVEN LIKE MATH! WAKAKAKA


At least I still have the knowledge of Maths from high school in my brain memory storage.

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The (2 months) life story of a Cashier

Hey guys..
It has been a while but I managed to survive.

I applied for a part time job this June as a cashier in a supermarket in our town. I started the first day for training to be a cashier until the third day. After the third day, I got my own counter and that was where I got a bit independent without anybody’s help.

So everyday, I dealt with people and their money. I held money everyday yet I couldn’t just put them in my pocket ๐Ÿ˜‚, save it for myself! Wkwk jk .
So yeah, seeing people everyday, smile at them, scan the barcodes of the item, packed their things into plastic bags, took their money, and give change. It was tiring if lot of customer lining up in front of your counter during the time I called ‘people wave’ where everyone wants to pay up.

It was even more tiring when you have to deal with so many item from a customer. Then you handle big money from them.

Thats the tiring thing.
Now lemme tell you the annoying things.

We all know theres so many types of people in this world and so many kinds of attitude. We cashiers have to deal with annoying customers as well.

The worst kind of customers is when you reached out your hand to take thier money yet they still throw it on the counter. Like, seriously people? Why? U blind or somethin’? It was kind of a mood ruiner when they did it first thing in the morning.

Other annoying thing they do is, asking us to get things for them. Dude, we’re cashiers, we’re supposed to stay behind the counter, not shop for ya. They could’ve just asked any of the workers around the blocks. They were making our job lot more harder.

Some customers complains about how expensive the item were. I don’t even know what they expect us to do after they said it to me like, do you expect me to lower the price ? Not my job lol. My job was to calculate the money you need to pay for the items you want from the store, that is all.

But I’m not saying that there is only annoying customers, there were also wonderful customers, especially the one who make you smile when you’re so damn tired and stressed out.

Customers who says ‘Thank you’ made us feel appreciated.

Customers who smile back are nice people.

I love customers when they gave me small changes. In that way it will be easier to give small change when the change money in the drawer are not enough.

But as a conclusion for this story I’m sharing, as a customer, let’s not be assholes to the workers.. They’re just doing their job.. It’s their job right? โ•ฎ(โ•ฏ3โ•ฐ)โ•ญ

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Life in KML | Pengalaman Di KML

Hello lovely person who managed to find this blog! ;D

It’s been a while since I last wrote any entries in this blog, I basically just deserted it during my College life in KML. But now, I have the spirit again to write something! YEAYY

So the main topic, life in KML.

Ok.. I got list of things you need to know in KML.

1. Tight Class Schedule

As a KML student or any other Matriks college, a tight schedule is something you need to be ready for. I’m pretty sure you will be shocked to see the time table especially if you’re a science student, because , damn! You barely see any gaps in between..! We were only given two period of 1 hour break after every 3-4 periods. So, yeah.. it was exhausting.

During our time the greatest news was “Class cancel!”
Cause we had time to rest, sleep, do revision and eat!

Take a look at the time table guys.

Fyi I’m a BC student -w-

Our Batch 2015/16 had the most Account students in history of KML too. Here is example of Account student’s time table.

There are a lots of free gaps for them right? I was a bit jealous back then .. hahaha

So as a conclusion, you better be ready physically and mentally in order to survive in Matriks. Cause you are going to do a lotttt of stuff here despite how tight this class schedule are. Not to mention, classes are not the only thing thats going to stress you out, but the side activities too.. and there’s a lottt of things happening in KML.. trust me. But it will be fun if you enjoy it though! I will tell more later!
2. Cafe’s Food

Y’all going to eat foods in the cafe fpr the rest of your life in KML. So, lemme tell you about the cafes. Cafe A is where the foods are delicious and great! But some say food there are quite expensive. You can order other foods like in the restaurant there too if you don’t want to eat the ‘ Self Service’ food there. But trust me, food there is delicious.

Cafe B is the cafe we all labeled as Average. They serve delicious foods too and the prices are average too.

Cafe C is the boy’s cafe. They serve chickens mostly. I heard them complaining about those everyday chicken food. But the food there is cheap! It was quite unfair because we girls couldn’t go there because its so damn far. It literally took 15 minutes to walk to cafe C.

3. Cafe Merinding

Ahh Cafe Merinding.. this cafe is popular with its keropok lekor and milo tabur. They serve delicious foods here too. Most delicious from all the cafe (for me though) Most lecturers went to eat here too. Every class break, students will attack the employees there and ask for food . Haha

3. The Guards

The guards.. I don’t actually dislike them, but sometimes they are being too busybody. Hahaha. But I guess they were doing their job.

You will see every now and then , the guards will have their patrol hour and scowl those love birds from dating. So if you plan to date in KML, don’t go to a dark place cause they will find you.. In front of the MP? Cannn.. but your curfew will be around 10 o clock or earlier. But that was when the we were almost ending our college life, so maybe the guards gave us chances to spent time. I dated someone in KML so I knew . . Wkwkwwkw
As a conclusion, guards will be everywhere.

4. Outings
Y’all can scram from KML during Saturday and Sunday. From 6 AM to 6PM. Thats the curfew for y’all.
You can also do your outing business on Friday or any other weekdays, but you’re gonna need permission from the OSC.

5. Assembly with Director
The assembly will be held once every month. During that time, all the lecturers that have higher job positions will be giving speeches. And of course, the director will be speaking too..
Most students will escape from this assembly because they’re gonna have to “COMPRESS” inside the hot Dewan Mutiara. The air conditioning there does not give any cooling effect because of so many homo sapiens breating out carbon dioxide in it.
But be careful if you plan to escape, cause the Fellows sometime checks every room to caught the lazy bones.

6. Side Activities

The side activities. Oh theres a lot of things going on in KML. Night class, Additional Academic class like , Chem Buddies, Bio Essay, Bio Bazaar, Math Boom, Clash of Mathematician (COM) and so much more. There are also competitions like choir competitions, drama , Citra budaya, Hari raya celebration, chinese new year celebration and so on.. just be ready to get yourself ‘entertained’

7. Clubs
Theres a lot of clubs you can join in KML. Whether you want to join any or not. But I recommend y’all to join any clubs you like because it will contribute to your KOKUM marks. You’re gonna need it to enter the university.
Let me list down clubs i know in KML.
-KERAP( librarians)
-GPS(gerakan pengguna siswa)
-PRD( like PRS in high school. I forgot its full name)
-MPP( majlis perwakilan pelajar, its the pengawas thing)

Theres also clubs for religious activities. The surau have their own clubs and also the churches. Y’all will be informed during MPPB. Don’t worry ๐Ÿ™‚

I think thats all for now.. I’m gonna update some more post later.
Thanks for reading!